2020 changed the way we look at things. And this is especially true for the recruitment segment. Covid 19 took a toll on the current jobs in 2020. Now that we are finally open to recruitment once again, some trends are likely to be most prominent in 2021. We could expect the industry to go mobile, focussing on technology and letting go of the convention recruitment methods.

Recruitment Trends

Mobile Recruitment

While the world is going mobile, recruitment processes have also made the big shift to the mobile platform. Mobile recruitment is a trend that has been popular over the last few years and is expected to have a broader audience in 2021 as well. Most job seekers now resort to social media for looking for new job opportunities. This is primarily because most social media networks are launching special job hunt sites that make it easier for job seekers.

Not only do these mobile recruitment sites give sufficient exposure for open job positions, they also feature records and feedback about the recruiters. Some of the mobile recruitment activities include visiting the companies’ career pages, browsing jobs on the network, applying to individual jobs online, uploading resumes to job sites, or even downloading company apps for their open positions.

Internal Recruitment

Covid-19 has changed the way recruiters conducted their recruitment process. While most parts of the world went into strict lockdown in 2020, companies started filling up their vacant position with internal candidates. This proves to be cost-effective and requires less research on the candidates since they are screened internally by the managers.

Also, since the candidates’ soft skills are already known within the company, it is easier to hire them internally. This is one trend expected to go up in 2021. It also saves you time hiring internally, owing to urgent project requirements.

AI In Recruitment

AI has made its way through almost everything by 2021. The face of most industries changes with the introduction of AI. For instance, the online casino industry is incorporating AI in its system to provide the best user experience. South African online casinos cater to casino enthusiasts on the virtual platform. The situation is the same for the recruitment industry as well. AI for recruitment is the new trend that is deepening even further this year. AI has capabilities to streamline the entire recruitment process across industries and companies. One of the strongest applications of AI in this field lies in recruiter chatbots. AI helps them provide human-like responses by asking them the most relevant and specific questions. This makes the firms remain available 24/7. AI can also smoothen out the entire application process online. Application tracking from specific keywords is an application of IT in recruitment.

Candidate Experience

Hiring Is an Emotional Exercise: 4 Tips for Selecting the Best Candidate |  CoatingsPro Magazine

Within the recruitment industry, candidate experience is a new term making the rounds. This essentially refers to the experience of the candidate during the recruitment process. This goes a long way in describing how a recruitment company works. In other words, this acts like feedback on the recruitment firm. In fact, if the firm fairs high on candidate experience, there are high chances that the candidates will refer their contacts to the firm.

 In addition, the candidates can share positive feedback about the companies on the social media platform to spread the good word. On the other hand, if multiple negative feedback keeps doing the rounds, it could prove to be a deterrent for prospective candidates.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics, much like AI, is a common trend in many industries. It has found its footing in the recruitment sector as well. Predictive analytics can help the recruiters focus on future hiring details and making hiring decisions accordingly. They offer a three-fold advantage within the industry. This includes identifying strong candidates for new job roles, making more fruitful offers to candidates based on market trends, and also providing a better candidate experience.

Moving Away From Traditional Hiring

Modern-day recruitment is moving away from the usual hiring techniques. Now, the need of the hour is not a fancy 4-year college degree. In fact, recruiters are focussing more on specific technical skills, soft skills that are more relevant in the industry today. A lot of companies with technical job openings are launching technical marathons and games to attract the right minds.

This focuses less on the educational background and degrees and stressing more on the skills of the candidates. This trend is expected to become even more prominent in 2021. So, the need of the hour is to perfect your core skills.

Recruitment trends are changing regularly. In 2021, recruitment is expected to be more skill-oriented and automated. Technology should be playing a major role in this process.